MariaDB starting with 10.4.6

From MariaDB 10.4.6, mariadb-convert-table-format is a symlink to mysql_convert_table_format, the tool for converting the tables in a database to use a particular storage engine.

MariaDB starting with 10.5.2

From MariaDB 10.5.2, mariadb-convert-table-format is the name of the tool, with mysql_convert_table_format a symlink .


mariadb-convert-table-format [options] db_name


mariadb-convert-table-format converts the tables in a database to use a particular storage engine (MyISAM by default).

mariadb-convert-table-format is written in Perl and requires that the DBI and DBD::mysql Perl modules be installed

Invoke mariadb-convert-table-format like this:

shell> mariadb-convert-table-format [options]db_name

The db_name argument indicates the database containing the tables to be converted.


mariadb-convert-table-format supports the options described in the following list:

-?, --helpDisplay help and exit.
-e, --engine=ENGINESpecify the storage engine that the tables should be converted to use. The default is MyISAM if this option is not given.
-f, --forceContinue even if errors occur.
-h, --host=host_nameConnect to the MariaDB server on the given host. Default localhost.
-p, --password=passwordThe password to use when connecting to the server. Note that the password value is not optional for this option, unlike for other client programs. Specifying the password on the command-line is generally considered insecure.
-P, --port=port_numThe TCP/IP port number to use for the connection.
-S, --socket=pathFor connections to localhost, the Unix socket file to use.
-u, --user=user_nameThe MariaDB user name to use when connecting to the server.
-v, --verboseVerbose mode. Print more information about what the program does.
-V, --versionDisplay version information and exit.


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