dbForge Studio for MySQL/MariaDB

dbForge Studio is a proprietary third-party tool, not included with MariaDB Server. Content contributed by devart.

dbForge Studio for MySQL is an advanced and powerful GUI toolset designed specifically for specialists who deal with databases on MySQL and MariaDB. The purpose is to equip you with all tools needed to set up and perform the database-related routines on MariaDB. It saves time and costs, allowing you to work much more productively overall.

As a MariaDB IDE, this Studio offers the superior functionality to resolve all work tasks on this RDBMS.

Database Development

The available functionality lets you produce high-quality code much faster. In particular, the advanced automated code completion feature helps you speed up the code writing. The syntax validator detects errors immediately. The code formatter with customized templates lets you set and follow the code standards across your projects. Code refactoring supports intelligent renaming operations for better readability. The Studio's integrated Source Control feature helps you version-control MariaDB database schemas alongside static data, run quick comparisons of database versions, commit and revert changes with dependency awareness, scrutinize and resolve conflicts, as well as view the history of changes. The Studio is compatible with all popular version control systems, such as Git (including GitHub, GitLab, Azure DevOps, and Bitbucket), Apache Subversion (SVN), TFVC, Mercurial (Hg), Perforce (P4), and SourceGear Vault.

Database Management

When you have the job to compare and synchronize MariaDB databases, the Studio will do these jobs. It covers both the data and schema comparison and generates the syncing scripts to deploy changes on MariaDB (also on MySQL and Percona). You can automate all these routines. Other helpful options allow you to profile queries as well as optimize them and detect any issues in them to fix. Also, you can generate reasonable test data in any volume, create detailed database documentation, design in-depth reports, etc.

Database Administration

With the tools available in this IDE, you get all the functionality necessary to create, configure, and manage users and their rights. Other features cover the tasks of backing up and restoring, data importing and exporting, and copying and migrating databases in several ways. You can maintain tables, generate database scripts, manage server variables and sessions, etc.

The Express edition with basic features is offered free of charge. Also, a free trial with full functionality of the Studio is available for 30 days.


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