my_print_defaults displays the options from option groups of option files. It is useful to see which options a particular tool will use.

Output is one option per line, displayed in the form in which they would be specified on the command line.


my_print_defaults [OPTIONS] [groups]


-c, --config-file=nameDeprecated, please use --defaults-file instead. Name of config file to read; if no extension is given, default extension (e.g., .ini or .cnf) will be added.
-# ,--debug[=#]In debug versions, write a debugging log. A typical debug_options string is d:t:o,file_name. The default is d:t:o,/tmp/my_print_defaults.trace.
-c, --defaults-file=nameLike --config-file, except: if first option, then read this file only, do not read global or per-user config files; should be the first option. Removed in MariaDB 10.8.0.
-e, --defaults-extra-file=nameRead this file after the global config file and before the config file in the users home directory; should be the first option. Removed in MariaDB 10.8.0.
-g, --defaults-group-suffix=nameIn addition to the given groups, read also groups with this suffix. Removed in MariaDB 10.8.0.
-e, --extra-file=nameDeprecated. Synonym for --defaults-extra-file.
--mariadbdRead the same set of groups that the mariadbd binary does. From MariaDB 10.11.3.
--mysqldRead the same set of groups that the mysqld binary does.
-n, --no-defaultsReturn an empty string (useful for scripts).
?, --helpDisplay this help message and exit.
-v, --verboseIncrease the output level.
-V, --versionOutput version information and exit.


my_print_defaults --defaults-file=example.cnf client client-server mysql

mariadb-check reads from the [mariadb-check] and [client] sections, so the following would display the mariadb-check options.

my_print_defaults mariadb-check client


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