MariaDB starting with 10.4.6

From MariaDB 10.4.6, mariadb-dumpslow is a symlink to mysqldumpslow, the tool for examining the slow query log.

MariaDB starting with 10.5.2

From MariaDB 10.5.2, mariadb-dumpslow is the name of the tool, with mysqldumpslow a symlink .

mariadb-dumpslow is a tool to examine the slow query log.

It parses the slow query log files, printing a summary result. Normally, mariadb-dumpslow groups queries that are similar except for the particular values of number and string data values. It “abstracts” these values to N and ´S´ when displaying summary output. The -a and -n options can be used to modify value abstracting behavior.


mariadb-dumpslow [ options... ] [ logs... ]


-aDon't abstract all numbers to N and strings to 'S'
-d, --debugDebug
-g PATTERNGrep: only consider statements that include this string
--helpDisplay help
-h HOSTNAMEHostname of db server for *-slow.log filename (can be wildcard), default is '*', i.e. match all
-i NAMEName of server instance (if using mysql.server startup script)
-lDon't subtract lock time from total time
-n NUMAbstract numbers with at least NUM digits within names
-rReverse the sort order (largest last instead of first)
-s ORDERWhat to sort by (aa, ae, al, ar, at, a, c, e, l, r, t). at is default.
aa average rows affected
ae aggregated number of rows examined
al average lock time
ar average rows sent
at average query time
a rows affected
c count
e rows examined
l lock time
r rows sent
t query time
-t NUMJust show the top NUM queries.
-v, --verboseVerbose mode.


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