MariaDB MaxScale 23.02.3 Release Notes -- 2023-08-07

MariaDB MaxScale 23.02.3 Release Notes -- 2023-08-07

Release 23.02.3 is a GA release.

This document describes the changes in release 23.02.3, when compared to the previous release in the same series.

If you are upgrading from an older major version of MaxScale, please read the upgrading document for this MaxScale version.

For any problems you encounter, please consider submitting a bug report on our Jira.

New Features

  • MXS-4541 Provide a way to show details about all supported MaxScale modules via REST API and/or MaxCtrl

Bug fixes

  • MXS-4684 Detect ALTER EVENT failure on MariaDB 11.0
  • MXS-4683 ssl parameters specified on the bootstrap server are not copied to the rest
  • MXS-4681 Encrypted passwords are persisted in plaintext
  • MXS-4680 Session idleness diagnostic is wrong
  • MXS-4676 REST-API documentation is wrong about which server parameters can be modified
  • MXS-4672 Document grants needed for MariaDB 11.1
  • MXS-4666 causal_reads=local is serialized as causal_reads=true
  • MXS-4665 Listener creation error is misleading
  • MXS-4664 xpandmon diagnostics are not useful
  • MXS-4661 Document supported wire protocol versions
  • MXS-4659 Cache filter hangs if statement consists of multiple packets.
  • MXS-4658 Post reboot binlog router entered stuck state
  • MXS-4657 Add human readable message text to API errors like 404
  • MXS-4656 Setting session_track_trx_state=true leads to OOM kiled.
  • MXS-4655 Missing kafkaimporter documentation
  • MXS-4651 Documentation claims that netmask support is limited to numbers 255 and 0
  • MXS-4648 MongoDB monitoring promoted when connecting to NoSQL service
  • MXS-4645 qlafilter log event notifications are sometimes lost
  • MXS-4643 GUI is unable to create a listener with other protocols than MariaDBProtocol
  • MXS-4634 readconnroute documentation page contains a typo "max_slave_replication_lag"
  • MXS-4631 Manually deleting log files breaks the file purge (expiration).
  • MXS-4628 Connection in Query Editor is closed after 1 hour of being idle
  • MXS-4613 binlogrouter shows MaxScale's binary log coordinates in SHOW SLAVE STATUS

Known Issues and Limitations

There are some limitations and known issues within this version of MaxScale. For more information, please refer to the Limitations document.


RPM and Debian packages are provided for the supported Linux distributions.

Packages can be downloaded here.

Source Code

The source code of MaxScale is tagged at GitHub with a tag, which is identical with the version of MaxScale. For instance, the tag of version X.Y.Z of MaxScale is maxscale-X.Y.Z. Further, the default branch is always the latest GA version of MaxScale.

The source code is available here.


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