MariaDB MaxScale 2.5.11 Release Notes -- 2021-05-04

MariaDB MaxScale 2.5.11 Release Notes -- 2021-05-04

Release 2.5.11 is a GA release.

This document describes the changes in release 2.5.11, when compared to the previous release in the same series.

If you are upgrading from an older major version of MaxScale, please read the upgrading document for this MaxScale version.

For any problems you encounter, please consider submitting a bug report on our Jira.

Bug fixes

  • MXS-3509 Syslog output is not filtered according to current log configuration
  • MXS-3505 option lazy_connect not fully effective
  • MXS-3504 Kafkacdc doesn't reconnect on replication error
  • MXS-3487 Old master connection is left open after transaction migration
  • MXS-3483 MaxCtrl doesn't strip colors from non-tty output
  • MXS-3472 Transaction Replay: transactions not replayed after Xpand group change
  • MXS-3471 After "clock has been changed to REALTIME" in syslog maxscale crashes
  • MXS-3468 Read statistics are wrong with master_accept_reads and read-only transactions
  • MXS-3462 Updates to services don't propagate upwards to other services that use them
  • MXS-3459 Malformed packet SQL=LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE... ERROR 2027
  • MXS-3454 Prepared statement inside trx not tracked with transaction_replay

Known Issues and Limitations

There are some limitations and known issues within this version of MaxScale. For more information, please refer to the Limitations document.


RPM and Debian packages are provided for supported the Linux distributions.

Packages can be downloaded here.

Source Code

The source code of MaxScale is tagged at GitHub with a tag, which is identical with the version of MaxScale. For instance, the tag of version X.Y.Z of MaxScale is maxscale-X.Y.Z. Further, the default branch is always the latest GA version of MaxScale.

The source code is available here.


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