MariaDB MaxScale 2.5.17 Release Notes -- 2021-12-13

MariaDB MaxScale 2.5.17 Release Notes -- 2021-12-13

Release 2.5.17 is a GA release.

This document describes the changes in release 2.5.17, when compared to the previous release in the same series.

If you are upgrading from an older major version of MaxScale, please read the upgrading document for this MaxScale version.

For any problems you encounter, please consider submitting a bug report on our Jira.

Bug fixes

  • MXS-3885 MaxScale unconditionally loads global options from /etc/maxscale.cnf.d/maxscale.cnf
  • MXS-3872 test_kafkacdc fails in 2.5
  • MXS-3871 Kerberos tests are skipped in 2.5
  • MXS-3870 The pam_authentication_2fa test fails very often
  • MXS-3858 core dumps from system-tests (meta bug)
  • MXS-3857 Pinloki initial gtid scan incorrectly reads entire files
  • MXS-3856 Errors with causal_reads and read-only transactions
  • MXS-3845 Sending binlog events is inefficient
  • MXS-3832 Document privileges required for procs_priv system table
  • MXS-3826 Allow maintenance mode to be set on Galera cluster master
  • MXS-3824 Allow symbolic link for path to directory /usr/share/maxscale/gui
  • MXS-3817 The location of the GUI web directory isn't documented
  • MXS-3816 Queries are not always counted as reads with router_options=slave
  • MXS-3815 maxscale crash
  • MXS-3814 maxscale rpl_state is empty
  • MXS-3810 SQL_MODE parsing sometimes fails
  • MXS-3809 When MariaDBMonitor acquires lock majority, the log message gives the impression that auto_failover is enabled even when it is not configured
  • MXS-3801 Unexpected internal state with read-only cursor and result with one row
  • MXS-3800 Not enough information in server state change messages
  • MXS-3782 session_track_trx_state set to true causes incorrect routing of SELECT

Known Issues and Limitations

There are some limitations and known issues within this version of MaxScale. For more information, please refer to the Limitations document.


RPM and Debian packages are provided for supported the Linux distributions.

Packages can be downloaded here.

Source Code

The source code of MaxScale is tagged at GitHub with a tag, which is identical with the version of MaxScale. For instance, the tag of version X.Y.Z of MaxScale is maxscale-X.Y.Z. Further, the default branch is always the latest GA version of MaxScale.

The source code is available here.


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