MaxScale puts backend server in maintenance on failures due to max_user_connections limit breach

I have setup max_user_connections on backend mariadb servers. An application which is behaving bad and makes continous connections to DB, it reaches the limit soon and then more number of connections to backend DB node fails with Too Many connections error. When MaxScale sees this for few number of times it marks the server in Maintenance mode.

This scenario becomes same as if total max_connections limit has reached on backend nodes. I would like to know if there is anyway by which maxscale could know that the max_connections has not reached, whereas just max_user_connection is breached, it is just for a user/application.

Or is there any way to avoid this situtation. I expect that backend server should be available and not marked in maintenance mode when failures due to connection limit breach for one user happens.

Failures due to max_connection limit breach and max_user_connections are different.


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