Comments - MariaDB versus MySQL - Compatibility

8 years, 5 months ago Elena Stepanova

The whole thing is a bit mysterious, and I would really want to figure out what exactly is going on. Technically, you can have a similar problem during the period when MySQL 5.5.x is already in the Ubuntu repo, while MariaDB 5.5.x is not released yet. But it has not happened for a while, even for 5.5.40 -- MySQL 5.5.40 was uploaded to the Trusty repo on Oct 10, while MariaDB was released on Oct 9.

And even if you do catch the moment when the versions are different this way, apt-get upgrade just should not cause this effect. If it does, it might be a bug.

Still, assuming that somehow version mismatch is to blame, please refer to the KB page Version mismatch between MariaDB and Ubuntu/Debian Repositories. A few workarounds are described there, in your case the most suitable is probably Pinning the MariaDB repository. I cannot guarantee it will solve the problem for you, because as I said before, it's not quite clear what exactly causes it; but you can try, it shouldn't hurt.

If you have more information, please share it here or create an issue at our JIRA.

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