MariaDb vs Oracle


I have to find out in MariaDb how to implement some features used in Oracle . I have :

- Load a file: in Oracle I use the external table. Is there a way (fast and efficient one ) to load a file into a table . Has MariaDb a plugin which allows to load well a specific format of files?

- In my existing Oracle code I used to developp a java wrap functions which allow those feature (is there a way in MariaDb to do this?), specifically :

1- Searching a files in an OS directory and insert them in a table, 2- send an SNMP trap 3- Send a mail via SMTP

- Is there an equivalent to an Oracle job in Mariadb? - Is there an equivalent to Oracle TDE (Transparent data encryption) ? -Is there an equivalent to the VPD (virtual private policy)?

Many Thanks and Best Regards

Answer Answered by Sergei Golubchik in this comment.


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