int mariadb_stmt_execute_direct(MYSQL_STMT * stmt, const char *query, size_t length);
  • stmt - A statement handle, which was previously allocated by mysql_stmt_init().
  • query SQL statement
  • length Length of SQL statement


Prepares and executes a statement which was previously allocated by mysql_stmt_init(), using the current values of the parameter variables if any parameters exist in the statement.

Returns zero on success, non-zero on failure.

This function was added in Connector/C 3.0 and requires MariaDB 10.2 or later versions.

  • Since the number of parameter of the statement is unknown before execution it is mandatory to set the number of parameters via the mysql_stmt_attr_set() function.
  • If the SQL statement is a zero-terminated string, you can also pass -1 as length.
  • The statement handle is intended for one-time execution. Reusing the statement handle might lead to unexpected behavior.

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static int execute_direct_example(MYSQL *mysql)
  MYSQL_STMT *stmt= mysql_stmt_init(mysql);
  MYSQL_BIND bind[2];
  int intval= 1;
  int param_count= 2;
  char *strval= "execute_direct_example";

  /* Direct execution without parameters */
  if (mariadb_stmt_execute_direct(stmt, "CREATE TABLE execute_direct (a int, b varchar(30))", -1))
    goto error;

  memset(&bind, 0, sizeof(MYSQL_BIND) * 2);
  bind[0].buffer_type= MYSQL_TYPE_SHORT;
  bind[0].buffer= &intval;
  bind[1].buffer_type= MYSQL_TYPE_STRING;
  bind[1].buffer= strval;
  bind[1].buffer_length= strlen(strval);

  /* set number of parameters */
  if (mysql_stmt_attr_set(stmt, STMT_ATTR_PREBIND_PARAMS, &param_count))
    goto error;

  /* bind parameters */
  if (mysql_stmt_bind_param(stmt, bind))
    goto error;

  if (mariadb_stmt_execute_direct(stmt, "INSERT INTO execute_direct VALUES (?,?)", -1))
    goto error;

  return 0;
  printf("Error: %s\n", mysql_stmt_error(stmt));
  return 1;


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