Migrating mysql 5.5.19 to mariadb with encryption

I am currently running mysql 5.5.19 64bit, Innodb, on Sparc Solaris and looking to move to mariadb on linux. Our ultimate goal is to have encrypted data-at-rest. I have 2 questions please.

1) So from my research I see I should be able to install mariadb 10.0 and run mysql_upgrade. Since the database exists already, do you just specify the location of the database when you install and it will upgrade it to mysqldb 10.0 when I run mysql_upgrade?

2) To achieve encryption, do I just install 10.1.4 on the same machine and run mysql_upgrade after making the changes to my.cnf. I know there are other my.cnf options but will this encrypt all the tables and logs? Does it do system tables please?

[mysqld] plugin-load-add=file_key_management.so file-key-management file-key-management-filename = /mount/usb1/keys.txt innodb-encrypt-tables innodb-encrypt-log innodb-encryption-threads=4

I have just started to research so I appreciate the help. Christine

Answer Answered by Ian Gilfillan in this comment.

For upgrading, essentially yes, see Upgrading from MySQL to MariaDB. I'd suggest upgrading to the latest release through (currently MariaDB 10.1.11) rather than 10.1.4, which was a beta release. For encryption. the tables will not be encrypted unless they were specified so when created, so they will need to be altered. See Specifying which tables to encrypt.


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