int mysql_refresh(MYSQL * mysql,
  unsigned int options);


Flushes different types of information stored on the server. The bit-masked parameter options specify which kind of information will be flushed. options can be any combinationation of the following:

REFRESH_GRANTRefresh grant tables.
REFRESH_LOGFlush logs.
REFRESH_TABLESFlush table cache.
REFRESH_HOSTSFlush host cache.
REFRESH_STATUSReset status variables.
REFRESH_THREADSFlush thread cache.
REFRESH_SLAVEReset master server information and restart slaves.
REFRESH_MASTERRemove binary log files.

Returns zero on success, otherwise non zero.

To combine different values in the options parameter use the OR operator '|'. The function mysql_reload() is an alias for mysql_refresh().


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