my_bool mysql_ssl_set(MYSQL *mysql, const char *key, const char *cert,
  const char *ca, const char *capath, const char *cipher)
  • mysql - a mysql handle, which was previously allocated by mysql_init() or mysql_real_connect().
  • key - path to the key file.
  • cert - path to the certificate file.
  • ca - path to the certificate authority file.
  • capath - path to the directory containing the trusted TLS CA certificates in PEM format.
  • cipher list of permitted ciphers to use for TLS encryption.


Used for establishing a secure TLS connection. It must be called before attempting to use mysql_real_connect(). TLS support must be enabled in the client library in order for the function to have any effect.

NULL can be used for an unused parameter. Always returns zero.

mysql_real_connect() will return an error if attempting to connect and TLS is incorrectly set up.

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