MariaDB Users & Developers

GitHub and Mailing Lists

The MariaDB project is hosted on GitHub. A good way to get started is to join one of the mailing lists:

  • The discuss mailing list is for MariaDB users and general discussion. The archive can be found here.
  • The docs mailing list is for those interested in documentation for MariaDB. The archive can be found here.
  • The developers mailing list is for those who want to contribute code to the project or otherwise closely monitor MariaDB development. The archive can be found here.

MariaDB Commits List

The commit emails are sent to commits 'at' mariadb (dot) org. Anyone can subscribe to commit emails or examine the commit archive.

MariaDB Announcements List

If you want to just want to keep up with the latest news, like new MariaDB releases, you should subscribe to the announce 'at' lists (dot) mariadb (dot) org announcement list (this is a low traffic, announce-only list). You can also examine the announce archive.


MariaDB has a Zulip instance. Zulip is an open-source tool that provides IRC and Slack-like functionality. Visit it at


The Maria project's official IRC channel is #maria on Users are asked to keep their best interests in mind when interacting with busy developers in our big tent.


You can also meet MariaDB people at many open source conferences. See the list of conferences attended by MariaDB developers at

Feature Requests

If you have a feature request, you can file it in JIRA. If you are prepared to pay for the feature you can contact the MariaDB Corporation to get a quote. You can of course also fix it yourself and become a MariaDB contributor/developer.

The MariaDB Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base contains documentation, FAQs, troubleshooting articles, tutorials, and a place where you can ask and answer questions about specific MariaDB software.

Distribution Mailing Lists

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