static linked library libmysqlclient.a is missing


The static linked library libmysqlclient.a is missing.

I have an issue to use dynamical linking the libmysqlclient, as there is a version number to the end of the library. And if a client has a later version of this library, than the program will not find the library.

So one can say that it is not backward compatible, even though making a softlink makes the program to work...

Eg program is built to use "", the client uses "", but the program looks for, which will report "no such file or directory"..

How do I resolve this issue so that the "" works in my program if the client installs newer versions of the libmysqlclient code?

I thought that I can link the software as static linked program, but the libmysqlclient.a is missing?

Please advice how to resolve this, as it is of big concern.

Regards Tomas


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