Testing HandlerSocket in a Source Distribution

MariaDB 5.5

In MariaDB 5.5, which is built using cmake, Makefile.PL is not generated automatically. If you want to run the perl tests, you will need to create it manually from Makefile.PL.in. It is fairly easy to do by replacing LIB and INC values with the correct ones. Also, libhsclient.so is not built by default; libhsclient.a can be found in plugin/handler_socket folder.

MariaDB 5.3

If you want to test or use handlersocket with a source installation of MariaDB 5.3, here is one way to do this:

  1. Compile with one of the build scripts that has the -max option, like BUILD/compile-pentium64-max or BUILD/compile-pentium64-debug-max
  2. Start mysqld with the test framework
    cd mysql-test
    LD_LIBRARY_PATH=../plugin/handler_socket/libhsclient/.libs \
    MTR_VERSION=1 perl mysql-test-run.pl --start-and-exit 1st \
    --mysqld=--plugin-dir=../plugin/handler_socket/handlersocket/.libs \
    --mysqld=--loose-handlersocket_port=9998 \
    --mysqld=--loose-handlersocket_port_wr=9999 \
    --master_port=9306 --mysqld=--innodb
  3. This will end with:
    Servers started, exiting
  4. Load handlersocket
    client/mysql -uroot --protocol=tcp --port=9306 \
    -e 'INSTALL PLUGIN handlersocket soname "handlersocket.so"'
  5. Configure and compile the handlersocket perl module
    cd plugin/handler_socket/perl-Net-HandlerSocket
    perl Makefile.PL
  6. If you would like to install the handlersocket perl module permanently, you should do:
    make install
    If you do this, you don't have to set PERL5LIB below.
  7. Run the handlersocket test suite
    cd plugin/handler_socket/regtest/test_01_lib
    MYHOST= MYPORT=9306 LD_LIBRARY_PATH=../../libhsclient/.libs/ \
    PERL5LIB=../common:../../perl-Net-HandlerSocket/lib:../../perl-Net-HandlerSocket/blib/arch/auto/Net/HandlerSocket/ ./run.sh


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