Thread Command Values

A thread can have any of the following COMMAND values (displayed by the COMMAND field listed by the SHOW PROCESSLIST statement or in the Information Schema PROCESSLIST Table, as well as the PROCESSLIST_COMMAND value listed in the Performance Schema threads Table). These indicate the nature of the thread's activity.

Binlog DumpMaster thread for sending binary log contents to a slave.
Change userExecuting a change user operation.
Close stmtClosing a prepared statement.
ConnectReplication slave is connected to its master.
Connect OutReplication slave is in the process of connecting to its master.
Create DBExecuting an operation to create a database.
DaemonInternal server thread rather than for servicing a client connection.
DebugGenerating debug information.
Delayed insertA delayed-insert handler.
Drop DBExecuting an operation to drop a database.
ExecuteExecuting a prepared statement.
FetchFetching the results of an executed prepared statement.
Field ListRetrieving table column information.
Init DBSelecting default database.
KillKilling another thread.
Long DataRetrieving long data from the result of executing a prepared statement.
PingHandling a server ping request.
PreparePreparing a prepared statement.
ProcesslistPreparing processlist information about server threads.
QueryExecuting a statement.
QuitIn the process of terminating the thread.
RefreshFlushing a table, logs or caches, or refreshing replication server or status variable information.
Register SlaveRegistering a slave server.
Reset stmtResetting a prepared statement.
Set optionSetting or resetting a client statement execution option.
SleepWaiting for the client to send a new statement.
ShutdownShutting down the server.
StatisticsPreparing status information about the server.
Table DumpSending the contents of a table to a slave.
TimeNot used.


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