SHOW PROCESSLIST shows you which threads are running. You can also get this information from the information_schema.PROCESSLIST table or the mariadb-admin processlist command. If you have the PROCESS privilege, you can see all threads. Otherwise, you can see only your own threads (that is, threads associated with the MariaDB account that you are using). If you do not use the FULL keyword, only the first 100 characters of each statement are shown in the Info field.

The columns shown in SHOW PROCESSLIST are:

IDThe client's process ID.
USERThe username associated with the process.
HOSTThe host the client is connected to.
DBThe default database of the process (NULL if no default).
COMMANDThe command type. See Thread Command Values.
TIMEThe amount of time, in seconds, the process has been in its current state. For a replica SQL thread before MariaDB 10.1, this is the time in seconds between the last replicated event's timestamp and the replica machine's real time.
STATESee Thread States.
INFOThe statement being executed.
TIME_MSQuery statement time.
STAGEStage of the statement execution.
MAX_STAGELast stage of the statement executeion.
PROGRESSThe total progress of the process (0-100%) (see Progress Reporting).
MEMORY_USEDMemory used by the statement.
MAX_MEMORY_USEDPeak value of the memory usage for this statement.
EXAMINED_ROWSRows examined.
SENT_ROWSRows sent to client.
QUERY_IDID of the statement being executed.
INFO_BINARYInfo in binary charset.
TIDOS thread ID (when applicable).
TMP_SPACE_USEDAmount of space used in tmp directory.

The information_schema.PROCESSLIST table contains a number of additional columns. See TIME_MS column in information_schema.PROCESSLIST for differences in the TIME column between MariaDB and MySQL.

Note that the PROGRESS field from the information schema, and the PROGRESS field from SHOW PROCESSLIST display different results. SHOW PROCESSLIST shows the total progress, while the information schema shows the progress for the current stage only.

Threads can be killed using their thread_id or their query_id, with the KILL statement.

Since queries on this table are locking, if the performance_schema is enabled, you may want to query the THREADS table instead.


| Id | User            | Host      | db   | Command | Time | State                  | Info             | Progress |
|  2 | event_scheduler | localhost | NULL | Daemon  | 2693 | Waiting on empty queue | NULL             |    0.000 |
|  4 | root            | localhost | NULL | Query   |    0 | Table lock             | SHOW PROCESSLIST |    0.000 |

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