The SHOW AUTHORS statement displays information about the people who work on MariaDB. For each author, it displays Name, Location, and Comment values. All columns are encoded as latin1.

These include:

  • First the active people in MariaDB are listed.
  • Then the active people in MySQL.
  • Last the people that have contributed to MariaDB/MySQL in the past.

The order is somewhat related to importance of the contribution given to the MariaDB project, but this is not 100% accurate. There is still room for improvement and debate...


*************************** 1. row ***************************
    Name: Michael (Monty) Widenius
Location: Tusby, Finland
 Comment: Lead developer and main author
*************************** 2. row ***************************
    Name: Sergei Golubchik
Location: Kerpen, Germany
 Comment: Architect, Full-text search, precision math, plugin framework, merges etc
*************************** 3. row ***************************
    Name: Igor Babaev
Location: Bellevue, USA
 Comment: Optimizer, keycache, core work
*************************** 4. row ***************************
    Name: Sergey Petrunia
Location: St. Petersburg, Russia
 Comment: Optimizer
*************************** 5. row ***************************
    Name: Oleksandr Byelkin
Location: Lugansk, Ukraine
 Comment: Query Cache (4.0), Subqueries (4.1), Views (5.0)
*************************** 6. row ***************************
    Name: Timour Katchaounov
Location: Sofia , Bulgaria
 Comment: Optimizer
*************************** 7. row ***************************
    Name: Kristian Nielsen
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
 Comment: Replication, Async client prototocol, General buildbot stuff
*************************** 8. row ***************************
    Name: Alexander (Bar) Barkov
Location: Izhevsk, Russia
 Comment: Unicode and character sets
*************************** 9. row ***************************
    Name: Alexey Botchkov (Holyfoot)
Location: Izhevsk, Russia
 Comment: GIS extensions, embedded server, precision math
*************************** 10. row ***************************
    Name: Daniel Bartholomew
Location: Raleigh, USA
 Comment: MariaDB documentation, Buildbot, releases
*************************** 11. row ***************************
    Name: Colin Charles
Location: Selangor, Malesia
 Comment: MariaDB documentation, talks at a LOT of conferences
*************************** 12. row ***************************
    Name: Sergey Vojtovich
Location: Izhevsk, Russia
 Comment: initial implementation of plugin architecture, maintained native storage engines (MyISAM, MEMORY, ARCHIVE, etc), rewrite of table cache
*************************** 13. row ***************************
    Name: Vladislav Vaintroub
Location: Mannheim, Germany
 Comment: MariaDB Java connector, new thread pool, Windows optimizations
*************************** 14. row ***************************
    Name: Elena Stepanova
Location: Sankt Petersburg, Russia
 Comment: QA, test cases
*************************** 15. row ***************************
    Name: Georg Richter
Location: Heidelberg, Germany
 Comment: New LGPL C connector, PHP connector
*************************** 16. row ***************************
    Name: Jan Lindström
Location: Ylämylly, Finland
 Comment: Working on InnoDB
*************************** 17. row ***************************
    Name: Lixun Peng
Location: Hangzhou, China
 Comment: Multi Source replication
*************************** 18. row ***************************
    Name: Olivier Bertrand
Location: Paris, France
 Comment: CONNECT storage engine
*************************** 19. row ***************************
    Name: Kentoku Shiba
Location: Tokyo, Japan
 Comment: Spider storage engine, metadata_lock_info Information schema
*************************** 20. row ***************************
    Name: Percona
Location: CA, USA
 Comment: XtraDB, microslow patches, extensions to slow log
*************************** 21. row ***************************
    Name: Vicentiu Ciorbaru
Location: Bucharest, Romania
 Comment: Roles
*************************** 22. row ***************************
    Name: Sudheera Palihakkara
 Comment: PCRE Regular Expressions
*************************** 23. row ***************************
    Name: Pavel Ivanov
Location: USA
 Comment: Some patches and bug fixes
*************************** 24. row ***************************
    Name: Konstantin Osipov
Location: Moscow, Russia
 Comment: Prepared statements (4.1), Cursors (5.0), GET_LOCK (10.0)
*************************** 25. row ***************************
    Name: Ian Gilfillan
Location: South Africa
 Comment: MariaDB documentation
*************************** 26. row ***************************
    Name: Federico Razolli
Location: Italy
 Comment: MariaDB documentation Italian translation
*************************** 27. row ***************************
    Name: Guilhem Bichot
Location: Bordeaux, France
 Comment: Replication (since 4.0)
*************************** 28. row ***************************
    Name: Andrei Elkin
Location: Espoo, Finland
 Comment: Replication
*************************** 29. row ***************************
    Name: Dmitri Lenev
Location: Moscow, Russia
 Comment: Time zones support (4.1), Triggers (5.0)
*************************** 30. row ***************************
    Name: Marc Alff
Location: Denver, CO, USA
 Comment: Signal, Resignal, Performance schema
*************************** 31. row ***************************
    Name: Mikael Ronström
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
 Comment: NDB Cluster, Partitioning, online alter table
*************************** 32. row ***************************
    Name: Ingo Strüwing
Location: Berlin, Germany
 Comment: Bug fixing in MyISAM, Merge tables etc
*************************** 33. row ***************************
    Name: Marko Mäkelä
Location: Helsinki, Finland
 Comment: InnoDB core developer

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