The SHOW USER_STATISTICS statement is part of the User Statistics feature. It was removed as a separate statement in MariaDB 10.1.1, but effectively replaced by the generic SHOW information_schema_table statement. The information_schema.USER_STATISTICS table holds statistics about user activity. You can use this table to find out such things as which user is causing the most load and which users are being abusive. You can also use this table to measure how close to capacity the server may be.

The userstat system variable must be set to 1 to activate this feature. See the User Statistics and information_schema.USER_STATISTICS table for more information.


*************************** 1. row ***************************
                  User: root
     Total_connections: 1
Concurrent_connections: 0
        Connected_time: 3297
             Busy_time: 0.14113400000000006
              Cpu_time: 0.017637000000000003
        Bytes_received: 969
            Bytes_sent: 22355
  Binlog_bytes_written: 0
             Rows_read: 10
             Rows_sent: 67
          Rows_deleted: 0
         Rows_inserted: 0
          Rows_updated: 0
       Select_commands: 7
       Update_commands: 0
        Other_commands: 0
   Commit_transactions: 1
 Rollback_transactions: 0
    Denied_connections: 0
      Lost_connections: 0
         Access_denied: 0
         Empty_queries: 7


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