TokuDB Differences

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Because we, the MariaDB developers, don't want to add a lot of new features or big code changes to a stable release, not all TokuDB features will be merged at once into MariaDB. Instead they will be added in stages.

On this page we list all the known differences between the TokuDB from Tokutek and the default MariaDB version from

All MariaDB versions

  • TokuDB is not the default storage engine.
    • If you want to enable this, you have to start mysqld with: --default-storage-engine=tokudb.
  • Auto increment for second part of a key behaves as documented (and as it does in MyISAM and other storage engines).
  • The DDL syntax is different. While binaries from Tokutek have the patched SQL parser, TokuDB in MariaDB uses the special Storage Engine API extension. Thus in Tokutek binaries you write CLUSTERED KEY (columns) and, for example, ROW_FORMAT=TOKUDB_LZMA. And in MariaDB you write KEY (columns) CLUSTERING=YES and COMPRESSION=TOKUDB_LZMA.
  • IMPORTANT: If COMPRESSION= is not included in CREATE TABLE or ALTER TABLE ENGINE=TokuDB then the TokuDB table will not be compressed, as the compression type does not currently default to the tokudb_row_format session variable as it does with Tokutek's builds.

Features missing in MariaDB 5.5

  • No online ALTER TABLE.
    • All alter table that changes data or indexes requires a table copy.
  • No online OPTIMIZE TABLE.
  • No INSERT NOAR or UPDATE NOAR commands.
  • No gdb stack trace on sigsegv

Features missing in MariaDB 10.0

MariaDB 10.0 (starting from 10.0.5) has online ALTER TABLE. So the features missing will be:

  • No INSERT NOAR or UPDATE NOAR commands.
    • We are working with Tokutek to improve this feature before adding it to MariaDB.
  • No online OPTIMIZE TABLE
  • No gdb stack trace on sigsegv

Version of the TokuDB plugin included on MariaDB

The status variable tokudb_version contains the TokuDB version of the plugin included on MariaDB.

In MariaDB 5.5.33, MariaDB 10.0.5, and MariadB 10.0.6 the version included is 7.0.4.

In MariaDB 5.5.34, the version included is 7.1.0.


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