unixODBC connect error failed in CentOS 6

Hi, all

I have remove MySQL5.1 ,install MariaDB 10.1.18

mysql commend works normal.

than install mariadb connector/C 2.3.1 from source (cmake . && make && make install)

than install mariadb connector/odbc 2.0.12 from source (cmake . && make&& make install )

but I use isql to connect ,it give me:

[ISQL]ERROR: Could not SQLConnect

I use ODBC API to connect:

ret = SQLDriverConnect(dbc, NULL, "DSN=MariaDB-test;", SQL_NTS,

outstr, sizeof(outstr), &outstrlen,


HY092:1:0:[unixODBC][Driver Manager]Invalid attribute/option identifier

where is my config



Description = ODBC for MariaDB

Driver = /usr/local/lib/libmaodbc.so





DESCRIPTION = MariaDB ODBC Connector Test

UID = tts


PORT = 3306

Does anyone give me a hint to fix it ?

Many thanks

Answer Answered by H Json in this comment.

You have Port = 3306, but I think you also need to have something like Server = to go with it.

Alternatively you can use Socket = /var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock


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