MariaDB starting with 10.4.2

WSREP_SYNC_WAIT_UPTO_GTID was added as part of Galera 4 in MariaDB 10.4.2.




Blocks the client until the transaction specified by the given Global Transaction ID is applied and committed by the node.

The optional timeout argument can be used to specify a block timeout in seconds. If not provided, the timeout will be indefinite.

Returns the node that applied and committed the Global Transaction ID, ER_LOCAL_WAIT_TIMEOUT if the function is timed out before this, or ER_WRONG_ARGUMENTS if the function is given an invalid GTID.

The result from WSREP_LAST_SEEN_GTID can be useful to determine the transaction to provide to WSREP_SYNC_WAIT_UPTO_GTID for waiting and unblocking purposes.


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