MariaDB 10.0.4 发行日志

Note: This page describes features in the source repository for MariaDB 10.0. There are currently no official packages or binaries available for download which contain the features. If you want to try out any of the new features described here you will need to get and compile the code yourself.

MariaDB 10.0 目前是 MariaDB 开发版本。MariaDB 10.0是在 MariaDB 5.5 series 的基础上回归和实现了 MySQL 5.6 的功能,其中还包含了一些你不能在其他地方找到新特性。

MariaDB 10.0.4 目前还是 Alpha 版本。目前是第 15 次发行基于10.0 的版本, MariaDB 官方发布这个版本的原因是希望需要进行测试的爱好者能够测试这个版本。不是所有 MariaDB 10.0 发行版本的特性已经包含到这个版本中。其他的特性将会在后期的版本中整合进来。

不要在生产环境中使用 Alpha 版本。

For an overview of MariaDB 10.0 see the What is MariaDB 10.0? page.

For a list of changes made in MariaDB 10.0.4, with links to detailed information on each push, see the changelog.

基于MariaDB 5.5

MariaDB 10.0 系列是从 MariaDB 5.5 系列升级过的,同时还包含了 MySQL 5.6 实现的一些新功能同时还包含了一些全新的特性。

一般来说我们期待 MariaDB 能够和 MySQL 完全一样:一样的命令行,界面,库和API。

我们希望 MySQL 存在的功能也能完全在 MariaDB 中实现。


  • MDEV-4438 - Spider 存储引擎
  • MDEV-4568 - Port Percona response time distribution as audit plugin
  • MDEV-4594 - CREATE SERVER crashes embedded
  • MDEV-4702 - 减少 LOCK_open 的使用

回归 MySQL 5.6 版本的特性

  • MDEV-330 - merge microsecond feature from mysql-5.6. MariaDB now can open tables created in MySQL-5.6 that have columns of types TIME(N), DATETIME(N) and TIMESATMP(N). Previously, an attempt to open such a table in MariaDB would return an error.
  • MDEV-3838 - Standard SQL temporal literals are recognized by MySQL 5.6 but ignored by MariaDB 10.0
  • MDEV-4058 - Merge the host_cache P_S table
  • MDEV-4710 - Merge Performance Schema test cases from MySQL 5.6.10
  • WL#5185 Remove deprecated 5.1 features
  • Performance schema + new defaults;
  • InnoDB + Information Schema + new defaults;
  • Online ALTER for InnoDB + thread information for in-place operations;
  • Partition selection
  • Partition lock pruning (MySQL Bug #37252, Bug #11748732)
  • The maximum number of partitions for a user-partitioned table is increased from 1024 to 8192. (Bug #11755685)
  • The server now includes the thread ID in rows written to the slow query log
  • The mysql client program now has a --binary-mode option that helps when processing mysqlbinlog output that may contain BLOB values (MySQL Bug #33048, Bug #11747577)
  • For temporary tables created with the CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE statement, the privilege model has changed (MySQL Bug #27480, Bug #11746602)
  • MySQL now supports the GET DIAGNOSTICS statement. In addition several deficiencies in condition handler processing rules were corrected so that MySQL behavior is more like standard SQL (Bug #12951117, MySQL Bug #38806, Bug #11749343, MySQL Bug #55852, Bug #11763171, MySQL Bug #61392, Bug #12652873, MySQL Bug #11660, Bug #11745196)
  • Syntax for temporal literals now produces temporal values
  • MySQL now provides more information about the causes of errors that occur when clients connect to the server, as well as improved access to the host cache
  • Traditional EXPLAIN output has also changed so that empty columns contain NULL rather the empty string (? something definitely changed here)
  • For the WITH_SSL CMake option, no is no longer a permitted value or the default value. The default is now bundled.
  • The WITH_SSL option for CMake now accepts a path_name value that indicates the path name to the OpenSSL installation to use (MySQL Bug #61619, Bug #12762891)
  • new default values for max_connect_errors, open_files_limit

For full details, see the changelog.


其他特性计划包含到 MariaDB 10.0 稳定版(GA)中。

这些新特性包含在 What is MariaDB 10.0?Plans for 10x 页面中。

感谢使用 MariaDB 。

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