From MariaDB 11.2.0

AES_ENCRYPT(crypt_str, key_str, [, iv [, mode]])


This function allows decryption of data using the official AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) algorithm. For more information, see the description of AES_ENCRYPT().

MariaDB starting with 11.2

From MariaDB 11.2, the function supports an initialization vector, and control of the block encryption mode. The default mode is specified by the block_encryption_mode system variable, which can be changed when calling the function with a mode. mode is aes-{128,192,256}-{ecb,cbc,ctr} for example: "AES-128-cbc".

For modes that require it, the initialization_vector iv should be 16 bytes (it can be longer, but the extra bytes are ignored). A shorter iv, where one is required, results in the function returning NULL. Calling RANDOM_BYTES(16) will generate a random series of bytes that can be used for the iv.


From MariaDB 11.2.0:

SELECT HEX(AES_ENCRYPT('foo', 'bar', '0123456789abcdef', 'aes-128-ctr')) AS x; 
| x      |
| C57C4B |

SELECT AES_DECRYPT(x'C57C4B', 'bar', '0123456789abcdef', 'aes-128-ctr'); 
| AES_DECRYPT(x'C57C4B', 'bar', '0123456789abcdef', 'aes-128-ctr') |
| foo                                                              |


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