COLUMN_ADD(dyncol_blob, column_nr, value [as type], [column_nr, value [as type]]...);
COLUMN_ADD(dyncol_blob, column_name, value [as type], [column_name, value [as type]]...);


Adds or updates dynamic columns.

  • dyncol_blob must be either a valid dynamic columns blob (for example, COLUMN_CREATE returns such blob), or an empty string.
  • column_name specifies the name of the column to be added. If dyncol_blob already has a column with this name, it will be overwritten.
  • value specifies the new value for the column. Passing a NULL value will cause the column to be deleted.
  • as type is optional. See #datatypes section for a discussion about types.

The return value is a dynamic column blob after the modifications.


UPDATE t1 SET dyncol_blob=COLUMN_ADD(dyncol_blob, "column_name", "value") WHERE id=1;

Note: COLUMN_ADD() is a regular function (just like CONCAT()), hence, in order to update the value in the table you have to use the UPDATE ... SET dynamic_col=COLUMN_ADD(dynamic_col, ....) pattern.


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