COLUMN_CREATE(column_nr, value [as type], [column_nr, value [as type]]...);
COLUMN_CREATE(column_name, value [as type], [column_name, value [as type]]...);


Returns a dynamic columns blob that stores the specified columns with values.

The return value is suitable for

  • storing in a table
  • further modification with other dynamic columns functions

The as type part allows one to specify the value type. In most cases, this is redundant because MariaDB will be able to deduce the type of the value. Explicit type specification may be needed when the type of the value is not apparent. For example, a literal '2012-12-01' has a CHAR type by default, one will need to specify '2012-12-01' AS DATE to have it stored as a date. See Dynamic Columns:Datatypes for further details.


INSERT INTO tbl SET dyncol_blob=COLUMN_CREATE("column_name", "value");


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