Prepares a statement on the server.

Not all statements can be prepared. See PREPARE for a list of statements that can be prepared.

Implemented by



1F 00 00 00 16 53 45 4C 45 43 54 20 2A 20 46 52  .....SELECT * FR
1F 4D 20 74 65 73 74 5F 62 69 6E 64 5F 72 65 73  OM test_bind_res
75 6C 74                                         ult


If anything goes wrong, the server will send an ERR_Packet. If the command succeeds, different packets will be received:


  • int<1> 0x00 COM_STMT_PREPARE_OK header
  • int<4> statement id
  • int<2> number of columns in the returned result set (or 0 if statement does not return result set)
  • int<2> number of prepared statement parameters ('?' placeholders)
  • string<1> -not used-
  • int<2> number of warnings


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