DBT3 Example Preparation Time

This page contains database preparation and creation times that were discovered while working on the DBT3 Automation Scripts.

Database creation times

SetupTimeSize on Disk
Postgre s30 on pitbull758 min = 12 h 38 min.75 GB
MariaDB + MyISAM s10 on 4CPU 4GB RAM developer machine96 m 22s = 1h 36m 22s17 GB
MariaDB + MyISAM s100 on facebook-maria2:424m 4s = 7h 4m 4s.162 GB
MariaDB + InnoDB s100 on facebook-maria2:577m 42s = 9h 37m 42s.
MariaDB 5.3.2 + InnoDB s30 on facebook-maria1122m39.753s = 2h 2m 40s.71 GB
MariaDB 5.5.18 + InnoDB s30 on facebook-maria1150m46.218s = 2h 30m 46s.71 GB
MySQL 5.6.4 + InnoDB s30 on facebook-maria1:140m18.272s = 2h 20m 18s.71 GB
MariaDB + MyISAM s30 on pitbull with pre_create_PK> 3h 30m (with limited RAM to 11 GB)
MariaDB + MyISAM s30 on facebook-maria1:99m 8s = 1h 39m 8s.49 GB
MySQL 5.6.4 + MyISAM s30 on facebook-maria1114m 17s.49 GB

Dataload creation time

SetupTimeSize on Disk
Scale 10 on 4CPU 4GB RAM developer machine8 min 44 sec.10.4 GB
Scale 30 on pitbull.askmonty.org20 min 28 sec.32 GB (with limited RAM to 11 GB)
Scale 100 on facebook-maria278 min 27.601s.106 GB
Scale 30 on facebook-maria123 min 40 sec.


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