is a perl script for automating runs of sql-bench (You can find sql-bench in the MariaDB source code.) can be found in the mariadb-tools project on Launchpad. Once you have a copy of mariadb-tools, you'll find the script, and its configuration directories, in the sql-bench directory. For the purposes of this article, wherever you located your local branch of mariadb-tools will be called ${BASE_DIR}.

The script is located at '${BASE_DIR}/sql-bench/'.

Example configuration scripts used for different runs can be found in the various subdirectories of ${BASE_DIR}/sql-bench/.

To run the script, do the following:

  1. Branch a MariaDB or MySQL tree
  2. Optionally do some code changes in that tree and commit your changes
  3. Edit to set internal options, especially the "my $path " variable.
  4. Create a ${BASE_DIR}/sql-bench/conf/host.cnf file for your system. An easy way to do this is by duplicating one of the example host.cnf files:
    cp -avi ${BASE_DIR}/sql-bench/conf/pitbull.cnf ${BASE_DIR}/sql-bench/conf/${HOSTNAME}.cnf
    Edit the file to customize it for your system.
  5. Create ${HOSTNAME}.cnf files under the ${BASE_DIR}/sql-bench/basic, ${BASE_DIR}/sql-bench/debug, ${BASE_DIR}/sql-bench/debug-full, and ${BASE_DIR}/sql-bench/O2 directories, depending on which automated tests you want to run. Use the example files as a base and customize them for your system.
  6. Run the script:
    cd ${BASE_DIR}/sql-bench/; ./ --repository=[/path/to/bzr/repository] --sql-bench-options=[additional sql-bench-options] --debug=[yes|no]
    • --repository is the MariaDB tree to use and compile, the script will also look here for sql-bench.
    • --sql-bench-options is mostly used in testing and debugging cases where we want to have short run times. For instance, using --small-test or --small-table.
    • You can separate several sql-bench options with spaces like so:
      --sql-bench-options="--small-test --small-table"

The results

Results are stored at the location specified by the $sql_bench_results variable in the ${BASE_DIR}/sql-bench/conf/hostname.cnf file for your host. Results are organized in sub directories with the following schema:


Future plans

  • Crash and error detection and reporting.
  • One should be able to specify a test name for each file (run-all-tests --suffix='_xxxx')


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