Files Backed Up By Mariabackup

Files Included in Backup

Mariabackup backs up the files listed below.

InnoDB Data Files

Mariabackup backs up the following InnoDB data files:

MyRocks Data Files

Starting with MariaDB 10.2.16 and MariaDB 10.3.8, Mariabackup will back up tables that use the MyRocks storage engine. This data data is located in the directory defined by the rocksdb_datadir system variable. Mariabackup backs this data up by performing a checkpoint using the rocksdb_create_checkpoint system variable.

Mariabackup does not currently support partial backups for MyRocks.

Other Data Files

Mariabackup also backs up files with the following extensions:

  • frm
  • isl
  • MYD
  • MYI
  • MAD
  • MAI
  • MRG
  • TRG
  • TRN
  • ARM
  • ARZ
  • CSM
  • CSV
  • opt
  • par

Files Excluded From Backup

Mariabackup does not back up the files listed below.


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