MariaDB starting with 11.0.2

Introduced in MariaDB 11.0.2




Given a time in picoseconds, returns a human-readable time value and unit indicator. Resulting unit is dependent on the length of the argument, and can be:

  • ps - picoseconds
  • ns - nanoseconds
  • us - microseconds
  • ms - milliseconds
  • s - seconds
  • min - minutes
  • h - hours
  • d - days

With the exception of results under one nanosecond, which are not rounded and are represented as whole numbers, the result is rounded to 2 decimal places, with a minimum of 3 significant digits.

Returns NULL if the argument is NULL.

This function is very similar to the Sys Schema FORMAT_TIME function, but with the following differences:

  • Represents minutes as min rather than m.
  • Does not represent weeks.


    FORMAT_PICO_TIME(4321) AS ns, 
    FORMAT_PICO_TIME(43211234) AS us,
    FORMAT_PICO_TIME(432112344321) AS ms,
    FORMAT_PICO_TIME(43211234432123) AS s,
    FORMAT_PICO_TIME(432112344321234) AS m,
    FORMAT_PICO_TIME(4321123443212345) AS h,
    FORMAT_PICO_TIME(432112344321234545) AS d;
| ps     | ns      | us       | ms        | s       | m        | h      | d      |
|  43 ps | 4.32 ns | 43.21 us | 432.11 ms | 43.21 s | 7.20 min | 1.20 h | 5.00 d |


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