This article explains how to use HANDLER commands efficiently with MEMORY/HEAP tables.

If you want to scan a table for over different key values, not just search for exact key values, you should create your keys with 'USING BTREE':

CREATE TABLE t1 (a INT, b INT, KEY(a), KEY b USING BTREE (b)) engine=memory;

In the above table, a is a HASH key that only supports exact matches (=) while b is a BTREE key that you can use to scan the table in key order, starting from start or from a given key value.

The limitations for HANDLER READ with Memory|HEAP tables are:

Limitations for HASH keys

  • You must use all key parts when searching for a row.
  • You can't do a key scan of all values. You can only find all rows with the same key value.
  • READ NEXT gives error 1031 if the tables changed since last read.

Limitations for BTREE keys

  • READ NEXT gives error 1031 if the tables changed since last read. This limitation can be lifted in the future.

Limitations for table scans

  • READ NEXT gives error 1031 if the table was truncated since last READ call.

See also

See also the the limitations listed in HANDLER commands.


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