How to change Innodb fileformat to Barracuda

I've attempted to change to the new barracuda file format. I'm using a Galera cluster (MariaDB 10.1.11) and have innodb_file_format=Barracuda set on all my servers, I've rebooted the servers and exported a database with phpmyadmin. After this I deleted the database and recreated it and then imported the previously exported .sql file with phpmyadmin.

I checked the file format in INFORMATION_SCHEMA.INNODB_SYS_TABLES and found that it's still set as Antelope. Why is it not set to Barracuda? How can I change it to Barracuda?

Answer Answered by Daniel Black in this comment.

xtradbinnodb-storage-formats/#compressed suggests that setting innodb_strict_mode.

ALTER TABLE (ROW_FORMAT=DYNAMIC) should be able to change the format.

Thanks, this seems to work. I ran the following SQL query to make a new query which does this for all tables in a database: USE INFORMATION_SCHEMA; SELECT CONCAT("ALTER TABLE `", TABLE_SCHEMA,"`.`", TABLE_NAME, "` ROW_FORMAT=DYNAMIC;") AS MySQLCMD FROM TABLES WHERE TABLE_SCHEMA = "replace_with_your_table_name";

The output from the above query can be used for a new query which alters all tables. I'm curious when MariaDB will convert to the new format as default, MySQL 5.7 seems to do this automatically.


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