InnoDB Versions

MariaDB starting with 10.3.7

In MariaDB 10.3.7 and later, the InnoDB implementation has diverged substantially from the InnoDB in MySQL. Therefore, in these versions, the InnoDB version is no longer associated with a MySQL release version.

MariaDB starting with 10.2

In MariaDB 10.2 and later, the default InnoDB implementation is based on InnoDB from MySQL 5.7. See Why MariaDB uses InnoDB instead of XtraDB from MariaDB 10.2 for more information.

MariaDB until 10.1

In MariaDB 10.1 and before, the default InnoDB implementation is based on Percona's XtraDB. XtraDB is a performance enhanced fork of InnoDB. For compatibility reasons, the system variables still retain their original innodb prefixes. If the documentation says that something applies to InnoDB, then it usually also applies to the XtraDB fork, unless explicitly stated otherwise. In these versions, it is still possible to use InnoDB instead of XtraDB. See Using InnoDB instead of XtraDB for more information.


Some examples of divergences between MariaDB's InnoDB and MySQL's InnoDB are:

  • MariaDB 10.1 (which is based on MySQL 5.6) included encryption and variable-size page compression before MySQL 5.7 introduced them.
  • MariaDB 10.2 (based on MySQL 5.7) introduced persistent AUTO_INCREMENT (MDEV-6076) in a GA release before MySQL 8.0.

InnoDB Versions Included in MariaDB Releases

MariaDB 10.3

InnoDB VersionIntroduced
No longer reportedMariaDB 10.3.7
InnoDB 5.7.20MariaDB 10.3.3
InnoDB 5.7.19MariaDB 10.3.1
InnoDB 5.7.14MariaDB 10.3.0

MariaDB 10.2

InnoDB VersionIntroduced
InnoDB 5.7.29MariaDB 10.2.33
InnoDB 5.7.23MariaDB 10.2.17
InnoDB 5.7.22MariaDB 10.2.15
InnoDB 5.7.21MariaDB 10.2.13
InnoDB 5.7.20MariaDB 10.2.10
InnoDB 5.7.19MariaDB 10.2.8
InnoDB 5.7.18MariaDB 10.2.7
InnoDB 5.7.14MariaDB 10.2.2

MariaDB 10.1

InnoDB VersionIntroduced
InnoDB 5.6.49MariaDB 10.1.46
InnoDB 5.6.47MariaDB 10.1.44
InnoDB 5.6.44MariaDB 10.1.39
InnoDB 5.6.42MariaDB 10.1.37
InnoDB 5.6.39MariaDB 10.1.31
InnoDB 5.6.37MariaDB 10.1.26
InnoDB 5.6.36MariaDB 10.1.24
InnoDB 5.6.35MariaDB 10.1.21
InnoDB 5.6.33MariaDB 10.1.18
InnoDB 5.6.32MariaDB 10.1.17
InnoDB 5.6.31MariaDB 10.1.16
InnoDB 5.6.30MariaDB 10.1.14
InnoDB 5.6.29MariaDB 10.1.12

MariaDB 10.0

InnoDB VersionIntroduced
InnoDB 5.6.43MariaDB 10.0.38
InnoDB 5.6.42MariaDB 10.0.37
InnoDB 5.6.40MariaDB 10.0.35
InnoDB 5.6.39MariaDB 10.0.34
InnoDB 5.6.38MariaDB 10.0.33
InnoDB 5.6.37MariaDB 10.0.32
InnoDB 5.6.36MariaDB 10.0.31
InnoDB 5.6.35MariaDB 10.0.29
InnoDB 5.6.33MariaDB 10.0.28
InnoDB 5.6.32MariaDB 10.0.27
InnoDB 5.6.31MariaDB 10.0.26
InnoDB 5.6.30MariaDB 10.0.25
InnoDB 5.6.29MariaDB 10.0.24
InnoDB 5.6.28MariaDB 10.0.23
InnoDB 5.6.27MariaDB 10.0.22
InnoDB 5.6.26MariaDB 10.0.21
InnoDB 5.6.25MariaDB 10.0.20
InnoDB 5.6.24MariaDB 10.0.18
InnoDB 5.6.23MariaDB 10.0.17
InnoDB 5.6.22MariaDB 10.0.16
InnoDB 5.6.21MariaDB 10.0.15
InnoDB 5.6.20MariaDB 10.0.14
InnoDB 5.6.19MariaDB 10.0.13
InnoDB 5.6.17MariaDB 10.0.11
InnoDB 5.6.15MariaDB 10.0.9
InnoDB 5.6.14MariaDB 10.0.8

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