XtraDB and InnoDB

By default, until MariaDB 10.1, MariaDB uses the XtraDB storage engine, a performance enhanced fork of the InnoDB storage engine. For compatibility reasons, the system variables still retain their original innodb prefixes, and where the text in this knowledge base refers to InnoDB, it can usually be understood as referring to the XtraDB fork.

From MariaDB 10.2, InnoDB is the default (see Why MariaDB uses InnoDB instead of XtraDB from MariaDB 10.2).

Note that it is possible to use InnoDB as a plugin in MariaDB 10.1 and before instead of XtraDB. See Using InnoDB instead of XtraDB.

Note that before MariaDB 10.0.9, MariaDB included MySQL's InnoDB as the default, with Percona's XtraDB available as a dynamic plugin. To use XtraDB in 10.0.8 and before, the ignore_builtin_innodb variable needs to be set, and the plugin-load=ha_xtradb option provided (see Installing Plugins).