MariaDB 5.1.50 Release Notes

The most recent release in the MariaDB 5.1 series is: MariaDB 5.1.67

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Release date: 09 Sep 2010

For a list of every change made in this release, see the Changelog. For a description of this release see the MariaDB 5.1 overview.

In most respects MariaDB will work exactly as MySQL: all commands, interfaces, libraries and APIs that exist in MySQL also exist in MariaDB.

In addition to the differences noted in previous release notes and changelogs, the main differences between MariaDB and MySQL are:

Includes MySQL 5.1.50

For MariaDB 5.1.50 we have merged in all of the upstream changes from MySQL 5.1.49. The MySQL 5.1.50 release notes have details of what changes were made upstream by MySQL since 5.1.49.

Includes XtraDB 5.1.49-12

We have included XtraDB from Percona Server 5.1.49-12 in this version of MariaDB.

Bug Fixes

Like previous releases, MariaDB 5.1.50 includes several bug fixes and other improvements. Specific bugs fixed in MariaDB 5.1.50 include:

  • MySQL Bug #32426 & Bug #571200 FederatedX corrupt ORDER BY with TEXT
  • Bug #616253 Crash in _ma_bitmap_set_full_page_bits on Aria recovery
  • Bug #612894 Some aggregate functions (such as MIN MAX) work incorrectly in subqueries after getting NULL value
  • Bug #605798 RQG: Table corruption after Maria engine recovery - "Wrong data in bitmap"
  • Bug #613418 (M)aria recovery failure: ma_key_recover.c:981: _ma_apply_redo_index: Assertion `check_page_length == page_length' failed


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