MariaDB 5.2.0 Release Notes

The most recent release in the MariaDB 5.2 series is: MariaDB 5.2.14

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Release date: 10 Apr 2010

Release Notes

See the MariaDB versus MySQL page for a high-level overview of the differences between MariaDB and MySQL. For a description of this release see the MariaDB 5.1 overview.

This is a beta release of MariaDB. We believe it to be relatively bug-free, and want to get it out so everyone can try it. Development is ongoing, see MariaDB 5.2 TODO for a list of features that are planned for future MariaDB 5.2 releases.

New features and changes in this version include:

userstatv2 patch from Percona

  • This patch enables the gathering of more detailed statistics in MariaDB 5.2. As part of this patch, several new INFORMATION_SCHEMA tables (with corresponding new FLUSH and SHOW commands) have been added. See: User Statistics for details.

Virtual columns patch (Contribution)

Add a mysqlbinlog option to change the used database. MWL#36

  • We've added a new --rewrite-db=name option to mysqlbinlog for applying updates to a database with a different name than the original. See: mysqlbinlog for details.

Maria storage engine group commit

  • Two new system variables have been added: maria_group_commit and maria_group_commit_interval. See Server System Variables for details.

Backport libservices MWL#98

Fix the packaging scripts MWL#88

  • We updated the packaging scripts in MariaDB 5.2 to fix some errors.

Pluggable authentication.MWL#101

Additional information added to engine description, new MariaDB plugin declaration MWL#61

  • We've added two new columns to the INFORMATION_SCHEMA.PLUGINS table.
  • For plugin authors: As part of this change, the MariaDB plugin declaration now differs slightly from the MySQL plugin declaration (the MySQL plugin declaration is still supported for dynamically loaded plugins). See: Writing Plugins for details.

Segmented Key Cache for MyISAM MWL#85

New engine-defined options in the CREATE TABLE MWL#43

  • Storage engines can now allow the user to specify additional attributes per index, field, or table. The engine needs to declare what attributes it introduces. See: Extending CREATE TABLE for more information.


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