MariaDB Connector/J 1.5.1 Changelog

The most recent Stable (GA) release of MariaDB Connector/J is:
MariaDB Connector/J 3.4.0

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Release date: 16 Aug 2016

For the highlights of this release, see the release notes.

The revision number links will take you to the revision's page on GitHub. On GitHub you can view more details of the revision and view diffs of the code modified in that revision.

  • Revision #0fcf874 - [misc] updating documentation - from kolzeq
  • Revision #fc156f5 - [CONJ-329] & [CONJ-330] rewriteBatchedStatements single query correction - from kolzeq
  • Revision #4b1f278 - [misc] updating maven plugins versions - from kolzeq
  • Revision #eeddebb - [misc] correction travis with .m2 corruption - from kolzeq
  • Revision #5f61b4a - [misc] update checkstyle - from kolzeq
  • Revision #3480535 - [misc] java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/maven/shared/filtering/MavenFilteringException travis correction - from kolzeq
  • Revision #a8bd50e - [misc] suppressing maven travis error "java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/maven/shared/filtering/MavenFilteringException" - from kolzeq
  • Revision #9a58957 - Merge branch 'feature/CONJ-325' into develop - from kolzeq
  • Revision #62cc603 - Merge branch 'develop' into feature/CONJ-325 - from kolzeq
  • Revision #037eab1 - [misc] timestamp default value test avoid NO_ZERO_DATE strict mode - from kolzeq
  • Revision #f2e734c - [misc] timestamp default value test avoid NO_ZERO_DATE strict mode - from kolzeq
  • Revision #415aa37 - [CONJ-325] implementation simplification - from kolzeq
  • Revision #52a25f6 - Merge branch 'develop' into feature/CONJ-325 - from kolzeq
  • Revision #346d0d7 - [misc] correcting test without using mariaDB test, since server tagged version can now be changed - from kolzeq
  • Revision #0748747 - [misc] correcting socketTimeout possible NPE - from kolzeq
  • Revision #e7e7d7e - [misc] correcting socketTimeout possible NPE - from kolzeq
  • Revision #20707ed - [CONJ-325] merging PR-86 Aurora auto discovery - from kolzeq
  • Revision #0fefe45 - Merge remote-tracking branch 'symbolic_name_origin_or_upstream/pr/86' into feature/CONJ-325 - from kolzeq
  • Revision #8e067d0 - [CONJ-320] handling socketTimeout with solution to avoid synchronisation between write and read - from kolzeq
  • Revision #8122601 - [misc] updating revision tag to RC2-SNAPSHOT - from kolzeq
  • Revision #911fee9 - Handling connection string case since there is no more restriction: - In the case that the user uses the writer instance and the cluster endpoint as their connection string, set isFineIfOnlyMasterFound to true - Otherwise,
  • Revision #bcd734e - Changed urlParser size checks: - Since cluster endpoint is no longer included in the urlParser variable, all size checks of this variable must decrease by one - from Phan
  • Revision #c1259b0 - Removed cluster host address from urlParser: - No need to have the cluster host address stored here since it is already stored in its own variable and is used when necessary - Tests need to know the cluster endpoint, not just
  • Revision #3d1519d - Change for when the only known endpoint is the cluster endpoint: - Look for secondary so that setReadOnly is quicker. The change to not temporarily connect to the cluster endpoint required reconnectFailedConnection to be ca
  • Revision #ffc4dfe - Changes based on feedback regarding cluster endpoint use: - Cluster endpoint was previously temporarily connected to to retrieve data; if the cluster endpoint can be connected, the driver will now use it as the connection w
  • Revision #dda8bf9 - Allow previous URL configuration: - Exception is no longer thrown if the URL is not a single cluster endpoint - Added checks to verify that there is a cluster endpoint before using it - Removed no longer appropriate tests - f
  • Revision #cea40ac - Changes made based on feedback & improvements: - Removed use of TimeZone.setDefault - setTimeZone used instead on date formatter - Variable urlEndStr is set on AuroraListener initilization - Remains the same for a clus
  • Revision #a461945 - Fix for Travis build fail: - Travis build would fail because it would unexpectedly continue outside of the catch block after throwing an exception, which it does not do when running the JUnit tests - from Phan
  • Revision #3e5ad47 - Import missing has been added - from Phan
  • Revision #82dd75c - Synchronized the array list in setUrlParserFromEndpoints - For thread safety - Change based on feedback - from Phan
  • Revision #0af765c - Removed automatic correction for 'java.sql.' by IntelliJ and remaining print out forgotten - from Phan
  • Revision #6c91d36 - Implemented the self-discovery feature, wrote tests, simplified existing code and fixed typos. - from Phan

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