MariaDB Connector/ODBC 2.0.12 Changelog

The most recent Stable (GA) release of MariaDB Connector/ODBC is:
MariaDB Connector/ODBC 3.2.2

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Release date: 15 Sep 2016

For the highlights of this release, see the release notes.

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  • Revision #48d7ae1 2016-09-13 15:32:26 +0200
    • Partial fix for ODBC-45 - conversion of SQL_C_CHAR parameters to SQL_BIT has been corrected
  • Revision #05206c8 2016-09-07 18:25:13 +0200
    • Some amendments to ODBC-51 patch on *nix. Also connector returned 0 as available string length in case if application did not provide buffer for it - that has been fixed.
  • Revision #6b41841 2016-09-07 00:29:19 +0200
    • Fix and testcase for the bug ODBC-51(and ODBC-52, that is in fact duplicate). Connector returned error when had to convert empty string to SQL_C_WCHAR.
  • Revision #5b72458 2016-08-18 01:51:58 +0200
    • Fix and the testcase for ODBC-48 - dealing with ISO format of for procedure call. We simply remove pair of curly brackets to make it possible for server to parse the query.
  • Revision #cfa6634 2016-08-16 02:50:11 +0200
    • Fixed bugs in DAE with SQLSetPos update. One of them probably could affect parameter arrays.
  • Revision #6b0d283 2016-08-16 01:02:24 +0200
    • Fixed some bugs in SQLSetPos with SQL_COLUMN_IGNORE - we had failing test in cursor.c Also fixed error it returns if there were errors on some of updated rows.
  • Revision #1f33c14 2016-07-25 23:01:24 +0200
    • The testcase for ODBC-47(The bug itself has been fixed in the Connector/C)


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