About the MariaDB Foundation

The MariaDB Foundation ensures that there is not just one person or one company driving MariaDB/MySQL development. It is the custodian of the MariaDB code and guardian of the MariaDB community.

The MariaDB Foundation is the owner of the main MariaDB server project and owns mariadb.org. This ensures that the official MariaDB development tree will always be open for the MariaDB developer community.


That MariaDB be actively developed in the community and to:

  • Increase adoption of MariaDB.
  • Ensure sustainable high-quality efforts to build, test and distribute MariaDB.
  • Ensure that community patches are reviewed and adopted.
  • Guarantee a community voice and define development rules.
  • Keep MariaDB compatible with MySQL.
  • Maintain mariadb.org.

If you are using MariaDB in production and want to ensure that MariaDB is always actively developed, then you should sponsor or become a member of the MariaDB foundation!.

It's the MariaDB Foundation that ensures that all community patches, including MySQL source code, are merged into MariaDB. It also does the builds and QA of MariaDB and provides a lot of the MariaDB documentation.

We are very grateful to our current members and sponsors who are making this work possible!

More information about the Foundation can be found on the MariaDB foundation website.


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