MariaDB Galera Cluster 10.0.15 Changelog

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Release date: 12 Dec 2014

For the highlights of this release, see the release notes.

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  • Revision #3905 Wed 2014-12-10 06:24:56 -0500
    • empty revision
  • Revision #3904 Tue 2014-12-09 10:35:16 -0500
    • MDEV-7204: mariadb-galera-server el7 rpms packaging issue, no mariadb-server in provides MDEV-7233: Fix issue with missing dependency socat when installing MariaDB-galera-server on RedhatEL/OracleEL/(Others?) RPM based
  • Revision #3903 Mon 2014-12-08 23:44:53 -0500
  • Revision #3902 [merge] Fri 2014-12-05 12:33:02 -0500
  • Revision #3901 Wed 2014-11-19 13:33:37 -0500
    • MDEV-7131: [PATCH] wsrep_guess_ip doesn't compile on OpenBSD
  • Revision #3900 Mon 2014-11-17 11:56:03 -0500
    • MDEV-6924 : Server crashed on CREATE TABLE ... SELECT


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