mysql.plugin Table

The mysql.plugin table can be queried to get information about installed plugins.

This table only contains information about plugins that have been installed via the following methods:

This table does not contain information about:

This table only contains enough information to reload the plugin when the server is restarted, which means it only contains the plugin name and the plugin library.

This table uses the Aria storage engine.

The mysql.plugin table contains the following fields:

namevarchar(64)NOPRIPlugin name.
dlvarchar(128)NOName of the plugin library.


SELECT * FROM mysql.plugin;
| name                      | dl                     |
| spider                    |           |
| spider_alloc_mem          |           |
| METADATA_LOCK_INFO        |  |
| OQGRAPH                   |          |
| cassandra                 |        |
| LOCALES                   |             |
| sequence                  |         |


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