mysql.column_stats Table

The mysql.column_stats table is one of three tables storing data used for Engine-independent table statistics. The others are mysql.table_stats and mysql.index_stats.

Note that statistics for blob and text columns are not collected. If explicitly specified, a warning is returned.

MariaDB starting with 10.4

In MariaDB 10.4 and later, this table uses the Aria storage engine.

MariaDB until 10.3

In MariaDB 10.3 and before, this table uses the MyISAM storage engine.

The mysql.column_stats table contains the following fields:

db_namevarchar(64)NOPRINULLDatabase the table is in.
table_namevarchar(64)NOPRINULLTable name.
column_namevarchar(64)NOPRINULLName of the column.
min_valuevarchar(255)YESNULLMinimum value in the table (in text form).
max_valuevarchar(255)YESNULLMaximum value in the table (in text form).
nulls_ratiodecimal(12,4)YESNULLFraction of NULL values (0- no NULLs, 0.5 - half values are NULLs, 1 - all values are NULLs).
avg_lengthdecimal(12,4)YESNULLAverage length of column value, in bytes. Counted as if one ran SELECT AVG(LENGTH(col)). This doesn't count NULL bytes, assumes endspace removal for CHAR(n), etc.
avg_frequencydecimal(12,4)YESNULLAverage number of records with the same value
hist_sizetinyint(3) unsignedYESNULLHistogram size in bytes, from 0-255, or, from MariaDB 10.7, number of buckets if the histogram type is JSON_HB.
hist_typeenum('SINGLE_PREC_HB', 'DOUBLE_PREC_HB') (>= MariaDB 10.7)
enum('SINGLE_PREC_HB', 'DOUBLE_PREC_HB','JSON_HB') (<= MariaDB 10.6)
YESNULLHistogram type. See the histogram_type system variable.
histogramblob (>= MariaDB 10.7)
varbinary(255) (<=MariaDB 10.6)

It is possible to manually update the table. See Manual updates to statistics tables for details.


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