mysql.slow_log Table

The mysql.slow_log table stores the contents of the Slow Query Log if slow logging is active and the output is being written to table (see Writing logs into tables).

It contains the following fields:

start_timetimestamp(6)NOCURRENT_TIMESTAMP(6)Time the query began.
user_hostmediumtextNONULLUser and host combination.
query_timetime(6)NONULLTotal time the query took to execute.
lock_timetime(6)NONULLTotal time the query was locked.
rows_sentint(11)NONULLNumber of rows sent.
rows_examinedint(11)NONULLNumber of rows examined.
dbvarchar(512)NONULLDefault database.
insert_idint(11)NONULLInsert id.
server_idint(10) unsignedNONULLThe server's id.
sql_textmediumtextNONULLFull query.
thread_idbigint(21) unsignedNONULLThread id.
rows_affectedint(11)NONULLNumber of rows affected by an UPDATE or DELETE (from MariaDB 10.1.2)


SELECT * FROM mysql.slow_log\G
*************************** 2. row ***************************
    start_time: 2014-11-11 07:56:28.721519
     user_host: root[root] @ localhost []
    query_time: 00:00:12.000215
     lock_time: 00:00:00.000000
     rows_sent: 1
 rows_examined: 0
            db: test
last_insert_id: 0
     insert_id: 0
     server_id: 1
      sql_text: SELECT SLEEP(12)
     thread_id: 74


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