New to Relational Databases - Basic Questions

Good Morning All,

I'm working on a new project for home and a friend of mine where I believe using a relational database is the best way to go for data storage.

Some background: -1 main node: -Acts as IoT server for all other nodes -Provides large storage for database and data backup for all other nodes -Database server for all other nodes -VPN server so can be operated remotely -Acts as update server for all other nodes -Sensor Nodes: -WiFi or LAN enabled -Records data from sensors located locally and stores locally. -Local storage is for in case of power outage and or network outage. -Sends and updates main database server on main node periodically for data redundancy.

I believe a relational DB is the best way to go on this instead of using .csv files and manually programming the features in python.

1) Is the data update and data redundancy possible with MariaDB? 2) Is this the Gallery (SP) version what I am looking for? 3) I'm assuming I will need to setup a client/ server relationship? 4) Is it possible for MariaDB to look at a particular data parameter and start the backup from the Sensor Node to the main node at a particular value?

Sorry for all of the newbie questions, but I am new to this and am looking for a good solution that will be maintainable and supported going forward.

Thank you, Dan


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