REPAIR [NO_WRITE_TO_BINLOG | LOCAL] VIEW  view_name[, view_name] ... [FROM MYSQL]


The REPAIR VIEW statement was introduced to assist with fixing MDEV-6916, an issue introduced in MariaDB 5.2 where the view algorithms were swapped compared to their MySQL on disk representation. It checks whether the view algorithm is correct. It is run as part of mariadb-upgrade, and should not normally be required in regular use.

By default it corrects the checksum and if necessary adds the mariadb-version field. If the optional FROM MYSQL clause is used, and no mariadb-version field is present, the MERGE and TEMPTABLE algorithms are toggled.

By default, REPAIR VIEW statements are written to the binary log and will be replicated. The NO_WRITE_TO_BINLOG keyword (LOCAL is an alias) will ensure the statement is not written to the binary log.

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