replication slave crash with multiple xa storage engines

when running mariadb 5.5.24 with innodb and pbxt storage engines, a simple transaction crashes the replication slave. what do you suppose is happening?

we really are trying to get innodb and tokudb to work together, but they have same problem. so, we include the innodb and pbxt example below.

we grabbed the mariadb 5.5.24 source and built it with the pbxt storage engine. we then created a master slave replication environment with pbxt on and row based replication.

the crash occurs at mariadb-5.5.24/sql/ note that cache_nmgr = 0.

the following crashes the slave:

create table t1 (a int primary key) engine=innodb;

create table t2 (a int primary key) engine=pbxt;

set autocommit=0;

insert into t1 values (1);

insert into t2 values (2);


here is the full stack:

  1. 0 MYSQL_BIN_LOG::log_and_order (this=<value optimized out>, thd=0x1d254e70, xid=5, all=true, need_prepare_ordered=<value optimized out>, need_commit_ordered=<value optimized out>) at /home/prohaska/maria/mariadb-5.5.24/sql/
  2. 1 0x00000000006cd641 in ha_commit_trans (thd=0x1d254e70, all=<value optimized out>) at /home/prohaska/maria/mariadb-5.5.24/sql/
  3. 2 0x0000000000642474 in trans_commit (thd=0x1d254e70) at /home/prohaska/maria/mariadb-5.5.24/sql/
  4. 3 0x0000000000794192 in Xid_log_event::do_apply_event (this=0x1d22a0f0, rli=<value optimized out>) at /home/prohaska/maria/mariadb-5.5.24/sql/
  5. 4 0x00000000005063f2 in apply_event (ev=0x1d22a0f0, thd=<value optimized out>, rli=0x1d21fa68) at /home/prohaska/maria/mariadb-5.5.24/sql/log_event.h:1222
  6. 5 apply_event_and_update_pos (ev=0x1d22a0f0, thd=<value optimized out>, rli=0x1d21fa68) at /home/prohaska/maria/mariadb-5.5.24/sql/
  7. 6 0x000000000050e0c0 in exec_relay_log_event (thd=0x1d254e70, rli=0x1d21fa68) at /home/prohaska/maria/mariadb-5.5.24/sql/
  8. 7 0x000000000050f37c in handle_slave_sql (arg=<value optimized out>) at /home/prohaska/maria/mariadb-5.5.24/sql/

Answer Answered by colin charles in this comment.

This issue was answered on the Maria Developers mailing list here:


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