SaltOS sees Gains with Subqueries in MariaDB

SaltOS began as a private project by two co-owners of Wide Spectrum Software Solutions S.L., Josep Sanz and Alex Muller in 2007. By 2010 they decided to opensource it and release it under the GPLv3. SaltOS is a business management solution that can be used to manage clients, projects, invoices and more. It integrates Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions all in one.

The users of SaltOS and RhinOS, can run applications using two database engines: SQLite3 and MySQL. Asked why the switch to MariaDB came Sanz replied, "Currently, I lost a lot of time towards optimizing queries for MySQL. My big problem is that I must to do a lot of tricks to get an acceptable performance when the tables have a lot of data or the queries are complex because it uses subselects or it uses joins with other tables."

Curious as to how many solutions had been migrated from MySQL to MariaDB, we found two of his projects (an online shop and a transport company) are happy users of MariaDB. Sanz is now requesting hosting providers to either add MariaDB or replace MySQL completely with MariaDB.

Further queried about why not MySQL, Sanz replied, "In my opinion, MySQL is not the original free software project it once was." "With MariaDB, the blackmail has ended because it's 100% compatible with MySQL, has a lot of improvements over MySQL and because the performance is very good compared to MySQL," he continued.

According to Sanz all the migrations so far have had absolutely no problems and they went on without a hitch. There now exists an entry in the SaltOS wiki about why you should use MariaDB instead of MySQL.


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